WWU welcomes students from around the world! 

We can't wait to welcome you to our vibrant community in 西澳大学广场. We think you'll love it here.


Walla Walla University is a community of faith and discover committed to excellence in thought, generosity in service, beauty in expression, 和对上帝的信仰. At WWU you can chase the goals you set for yourself. You'll probably even chase goals you didn't even know you had—discovering opportunities, 制定计划, and achieving new goals as you go.

You want to be part of this.



国际 Student Liaison
Director of 招生

(509) 527-2608

  • Certified copies of your secondary-level certificate, with 英语 translations if necessary. Provide a transcript evaluation from any NACES member organization (such as SpanTran or WES) for all international transcripts.  Exceptions may be made if your transcripts are from an American-style school with similar curriculum to the USA or where national exam scores are used in place of high school transcripts. Certificate(s) with passing marks is/are required from a four-, 五年, or six-year university preparatory school. From British-based systems, five "O"-level subjects in the content areas are required. Certificates must indicate passing scores in government examinations where offered, including:
    • 英语
    • 自然科学.
    • 数学.
    • Two others from a second language, science, social studies, literature or religious area of study.
  • Official copy of your academic records (or transcript of marks) from all university-level programs attended. A transcript evaluation from any NACES member organization (such as SpanTran or WES) for all international transcripts will be needed.
  • Official copy of TOEFL/ITEP/IELTS test scores if 英语 is not the student’s first language. A score of 79 or higher is required for the TOEFL, 3.9 or higher for the ITEP, or 6.5 or higher for the IELTS to be admitted.
  • One satisfactory personal reference (no family members, please).

Resources for international students

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